Sweet Sweet Summer

In Billie McCarter by Billie McCarter


Summer!!! Oh, Sweet Summer!! You are finally here, or at least it feels like it in the South.

Well, what does that mean? Um, HELLO!!! We are day by day getting closer and closer to my favorite season – Deer Season.

Although my summer is filled with Outdoor Dream Foundation events, going to NWTF Banquets, taking camping trips to Calhoun Falls State Park, and even a beach trip to Jekyll Island, it will also be filled with LOTS of Deer Season Preparations. We will be doing lots of camera checks and filling feeders as well as planting a food plot here and there.

I am very excited about the upcoming 2018-2019 Hunting Season. I do not mean to wish the summer days away, but I have several things to look forward to. I had Lasik done last week and colors are so much more vibrant, really, they are. I am ready to see if this improves my hunting game. I have heard it helps with grouping and I am ready to watch the woods come alive with a different set of eyes so to speak.

So far, I have two hunting trips scheduled. I will be traveling to Kentucky in October for an Archery Deer Hunt with another couple. This will be my first out of state hunting trip. Next Spring, my husband and I will be traveling to Red Bluff Lodge in Allendale, SC for a Turkey Hunt. I am STILL trying to get my first turkey with absolutely no luck this past season, nor, well the past several years.

As I already have myself pictured with a mason jar full of Sweet Ice Tea, lounged out by the lake, what are you looking forward to most this summer, or here after?