Shooting While Pregnant

In Holly Overman by Holly

8 months preg

One of my favorite things to do outside on a beautiful day is shooting my bow. It’s just fun to do plus it’s great practice to improve any weaknesses during the off seasons. This spring is a little different since I’m pregnant and in my final trimester. Some would say couldn’t that harm the baby, but honestly it don’t. Even the recoil of a firearm is harmless as long as it’s held correctly at the shoulder when fired.

What I do differently with my bow, is to be more aware of how I draw back. For instance, I lean forward a bit so I don’t accidently hit my belly and to make sure I’m using correct upper body muscles. I also lowered my draw weight down a bit so I don’t over do my strength as well. Sure I have to make slight adjustments, but I won’t let it stop me. Unless I was put on restrictions, which thank God I was not. As long as I feel able, I’ll continue going about my life as normal.