My First Turkey

In Holly Overman by Holly

First Turkey

It was a chilly, April morning in 2016 when we got up and ready to go hunt. Once my brother and niece arrived, we loaded up and headed out. The sun was rising when we got to our location, so my husband started calling to try and locate the birds. We slowly made our way down to the bottoms where we though they’d be. Once we heard that first gobble, we knew they were close, so we got set up in a hurry.
In a nearby field there were two gobblers with their hens. One of them was strutting his stuff, so we knew he wasn’t leaving them females. My husband then changed tactics and began to work on making the lead hen mad. It wasn’t long before she started coming our way, and of course he followed. They were coming on my side, so it was up to me to make the shot. I raised my 20 gauge and got ready. As the hens came in, there was no sign of the tom. Then I heard a gobble to my left and that’s when I seen his fan, I knew then I better move. So very swiftly yet quietly I adjusted my angle and waited. My heart was racing when I saw him coming over the ridge. Once I saw his head clearly, I took my aim then pulled the trigger. When I saw him drop, so did my jaw. I was in so much shock, I completely forgot that they can still fly away. It didn’t hit me until after my husband yells, “Get Him” and ran to jump on my bird. Being that was the first turkey I ever shot, guess I would forget that part.
After he finally stopped flopping, I threw him over my shoulder to get him to a better lit area so we could really check him out. He was a beautiful 19-20 pound gobbler with a blue head, red and white stripped neck and a nice 10 inch beard. He had an amazing full fan and sharp 1.5 inch spurs. His coloration was incredible and I was filled with excitement and emotions. We admired him a bit longer before heading back to the truck. The whole walk back, all I could think about was how blessed I was to take such an amazing animal and how truly memorable it was to share it with those I love.