It’s Jelly Time!!

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It’s Jelly Time
Who’s ready to jelly some heads!?! I’m soooo ready for Turkey Season! I absolutely love it!! I would probably pick turkey season over deer season as my favorite time of year if it lasted longer and I was able to harvest more than two birds. Honestly, it’s hard to beat hearing that ole Tom gobble back when you make that first call at sunrise.
We only have a spring season here in North Carolina starting April 14th and ending May 12th. That’s not much time to for a working girl to chase a gobbler. Last year I hunted every day I could, including the 90 degree days. That’s another thing about NC. You never know what the weather is going to be. It’ll be a cool 60 degrees one day and a muggy 90 degrees the next. I would be going into the blind with my cold weather hunting coat on and a couple base layers. During all day sits, by 12pm, with the sun beating down on the blind I would be down to just a base layer. There were days I would even have to pull my boots off. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, well, except maybe for a fall turkey season. LOL
I posted the video of my turkey hunt last season where I missed the turkey I was after and had spent endless hours hunting. You can still find it in my blog section. I’m out for revenge this year. Starting with the turkey I could never get into my sights while hunting my property and ending with the guy I missed last year on a friend’s property. I have two tags and they both are reserved for these two ole Toms. It’s been two seasons since I’ve harvested a turkey and I’m craving some turkey nuggets, fried up nice and crisp. I’ve got Texas Custom Turkey Calls on my side this year with an awesome push button call and a beautiful box call the owner Brad Madsen made and gave me as a gift. I’m lined up for success and I will not let it slip through my fingers this year!! It’s Jelly Time!!!!!!!