What A Year!

In Diana Lyles by Diana Lyles


My season is quickly coming to an end! January 1st and it’s DONE! I have two more days of the season that I will be able hunt. This hasn’t been my best season as far as the number of tags I’ve filled, however, it has been an awesome season. I’ve learned a lot about self filming, gained some new friends, joined some amazing companies, and seen some nice bucks. I haven’t harvested a buck and will most likely be enjoying some tag soup come January 2nd but I’m okay with that.
I’ve seen more bucks on my property this year than I ever have before. I only have one that I would consider a shooter and I’m really hoping he makes it to next year. It’s rare that I have a “shooter” because of the lack of deer management in my area. I do my part but with only 14 acres of land it’s hard to “manage” anything.
I truly believe the reason I saw more bucks this year is due to using products from Pure Whitetail. I started my mock scrapes early summer and immediately started seeing results. In the beginning I had more does hitting the scrapes than bucks. I was using the 100% pure CWD and ATA Certified urine from a couple of the deer at the farm. I used Bruiser in the beginning and then started adding urine from Rose and Cherry. I was getting a lot of action from does. Then the guys at Pure Whitetail came out with Spell Bound (It was Test Product #1 when they asked us to test it out) . It was designed to help start your mock scrapes by applying to a branch over the scrape, called the licking branch. The deer loved it! Once applied it was on!! The bucks started visiting my scrapes. I had 5 bucks ranging from my shooter that is 3.5 to 1.5 year old deer hitting them. I continued to use urine from the does on the flex wicks and started adding Power Shot to the actual scrape. Power Shot are beads that are infused with buck urine. You place them on the ground in your scrape and as the deer paw the ground they bust the beads releasing the urine inside. I had 4 mock scrapes that I created and by the time deer season came in I had a total of 10 scrapes that I found.
I have seen all the bucks on my property at least once, seeing the younger deer more. Once the time was right I started adding estrous urine from Emmy, Rose, and Cherry then switched to White Lightening from Jewels, Bristled Up from Tank and Estrous Dust during the rut. Watching the results have been amazing and fun. It’s allowed me to inventory not only the buck traffic but the doe traffic as well.
I was able to know their patterns and get a good estimate on my buck to doe ratio. Because of that, I harvested two does this season and have meat in the freezer! Unfortunately I didn’t get good footage of either. The first one was at first light and the footage is very grainy, the second was at last light and you can’t see the deer. Did I mention I learned a lot about self filming!?!
All in all it’s been a great year. Joining the Pure Whitetail family was the second best thing I did this year. Of course, joining DOE Diaries is the first. I’ve gained so much knowledge from the teams I’m on and all of them have contributed to this being the best season ever. Being a team member with Tactacam is helping with the self filming, Scent Crusher and Upwind are total game changers, BAM Outdoors is your one stop shop for all your supplies, but I have to say that Pure Whitetail is the biggest game changer of them all!!
I’m more grateful for something other than the knowledge I have gained from joining the team of Pure Whitetail. What I am most grateful for are the friendships I’ve gained. With over 2,000 staff members you wouldn’t think everyone would be as close as they are but trust me, it’s one big family! From the great leadership to each staff member everyone is always there to help, be it through experience or prayer that team of folks are top notch and they have your back! I can’t wait to meet everyone at the Staff Bash in July. (The bash is just another thing this company does for its staff.) With Pure Whitetail continuing to grow and add new products I’m already counting down the days until next season. That 3.5 will be a 4.5 and he just may have to watch his back a little more than he did this year.
I hope your season was a successful one! Be it due to harvesting that buck of a lifetime or gaining knowledge and friendships!

Happy Hunting,