Top 5 Recommendations For The Huntress In Your Life

In Diana Lyles by Diana Lyles


Are you wondering what to get the lady hunter in your life? Maybe you’re trying to get her to take up hunting. Here are my top five recommendations for the huntress in your life starting with number 5.

#5 – You might be okay with wearing baggy clothes but your huntress isn’t. Get her clothes that not only fit but will keep her warm. My favorite hunting apparel is clothing from SHE Outdoors. They are made for women so not only will she be warm and comfortable, she’ll also be stylish!

#4 – It doesn’t matter if the woman in your life is a seasoned hunter or you’re trying to get her into the woods. Being warm will make things more enjoyable. You’ve got everything covered with the clothing in #5 now it’s time to keep those little piggys’ warm. There is something to help with this no matter your budget.
I love my heated insoles. I have the ones with the remote so I can turn them on and off with ease. The Thermacell Pro Flex are what I have and they are the best thing since sliced bread. Check them out at BAM Outdoors.

I mentioned budget.. if you are looking for something that is easier on the wallet these boot warmers by Artic Shield are the answer! Once in the stand, slip off your boots, drop in one of the pocket hand warmers and enjoy the hunt!

You can find these at BAM Outdoors also .
#3 – If your huntress hunts alone getting her harvest in and out of the woods can be difficult. Make things easy for her with the Summit Game Cart.

She can easily load and drag her harvest out of the woods alone.
#2 – Don’t make her wait for gun season! A crossbow is an easy way to get her in the woods early. There 100’s of crossbows to choose from so get her one that fits her style like this Hot Pursuit Crossbow kit.

My #1 recommendation for the huntress in your life! Well this gift can’t be bought. It’s the gift of time, love, and patience! All of us outdoors women need these three things to enjoy our passion. It doesn’t matter if she’s been hunting 50 years or 5 days there will be a time when she needs all of these things. Giving her these will be the best gift you can ever give her!