My “Dream” Christmas List

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Dream List

The ladies at DOE Diaries decided to put together a Christmas List of our top 3 things we’d like to get. Since I have what I really need to do what I love, I put together a little “dream” list.

#1. Dream Bear Hunt. Just something about the thrill of hunting a beautiful animal that could also hunt you. I would also love to share it with my favorite hunting partner, my husband. I’d prefer to hunt first with a gun then with a bow later. Just so I can gain confidence with it first.

#2. A good tracking dog. We have numerous dogs, most are beagles for rabbit hunting. We do have a couple of regular pets, course all they’d rather do is sniff and play around. A good deer tracking dog would benefit all of us when a blood trail goes dead. Especially when we know he’s out there something. No hunter wants to let their kill go to waste.

#3. New gear. My current gear I have is great and all, but I wouldn’t mind upgrading couple of guns to better fit me more comfortably. Of course if I did get new gear, I’d love to pass down my current gear to someone else who could really use it.

Well that’s my dream list. It ain’t all for me, but shared with my family as well. We hunt as a family, so only fitting to include them in my “dream” wishes too. Remember to cherish each moment with those you love. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!