All I Want For Christmas Is . . .

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So, some of us are restricted either by budgets, families, etc., on what we can get ourselves and give others at Christmas. Money and everything else aside here are three things on my Christmas List this year.

1. This one is doable, and I really hope it works out to where I can own and carry this beauty. A few months ago, at a QDMA Banquet I won the 2017 Gun of the Year, a Kimber 1911 .45 cal. I fell in LOVE with this pistol. However, since it is a limited edition, this is not a gun I want to carry around every day. I spoke to several people in law enforcement and found the pistol I want. One gentleman even brought his by, so I could see it and hold it.
My first item on my Christmas list I want is a Kimber Ultra 1911 .45 cal. This gun is super lightweight, weighing 25 ounces with a non-loaded clip. It also has a 3” barrel length so it is easy to conceal carry. I also wanted something with a knock down if the time arises where I need to protect myself.
You can read more about the Kimber Ultra 1911 .45 cal. at MSRP – $837.00 and up. Picture Credit – Cabela’s

2. The second item on my Christmas list is for more then just me. It is something my whole family can use – My husband, my father-in-law, and even my nephew.
I would love to have 100-300 acres of land, some wooded, some open fields, to lease (one day own). Currently we have permission to hunt 90 acres in a small community. It is great, and I appreciate it. I do not take it for granted. However, the deer just are not there. We are not able to manage it and it borders core land and other hunting clubs that run on the theory ‘if its brown, it’s down’. The land is all ridges and rough terrain. Most of it we can not even get to by four-wheeler and some is so rough, it is hard to walk. After a four-wheeler accident last month, I am now more then ever eager to get some land that is easy to access. Especially with my nephew wanting more and more to come with me, I want it to be safe.
Picture Credit – Homes Land Country Property For Sale.

3. The third item on my Christmas list is again not for just me in mind. I dream, and I dream big. Maybe I shouldn’t but I do. I set big goals, with the hopes and dreams of achieving them, some day.
I would love a family hunt. It is hard for me to go hunt with an outfitter because I feel guilty because my husband likes to hunt as well. Most of you know the costs of booking a hunt and then when you times that by two, it is not even close to affordable. I do not really have a specific hunt in mind. I would like an out of state hunt, maybe a bear, mule deer, something affordable for 3-4 people, something new for each of us.
Aside from my husband, I would like my father-in-law to go as well. He has been my anchor of support throughout my years of hunting. His encouragement keeps me going.
Picture Credit – Super Slam

As you can see my Christmas list is not all about me. My wish is to make dreams come true while doing the impossible for others. I can hunt alone. I do hunt alone. However, sometimes it is other people that help you become the hunter you are.

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

– Billie