My Dream Christmas List

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Time to make that Christmas list!
The girls at DOE Diaries decided to make our Top 3# Christmas list. This is actually my “dream” list. I can’t think of anything I need or would like to be given this Christmas that’s within my budget so I decided to do a “Dream List”. This is the top three things I would like for Christmas if money wasn’t an option. They are listed in no particular order.
1 – An Elk hunt. I would love to go somewhere, ride horse out to camp, and do a week long elk hunt. Although I would just be happy to hear an elk bugle in the wild.
2 – Land, lots and lots of land! I would looove to have lots of land to hunt and actually be able to manage the deer herd. I only have 14 acres to hunt and although I practice deer management no one else around me does. I would love to watch a buck grow year after year and have the honor of harvesting him when he is mature.
3 – A camera man!! Self-Filming is hard!! I would like there to be someone there with me to worry about getting the perfect shot on camera while I just worry about getting the perfect shot on what I’m hunting.
Well there you have it, my Christmas Dream List!! What’s on your list?