Hunting While Pregnant

In Holly Overman by Holly


I had goals and high expectations as the 2017 season grew near. There was a certain buck on my hit list and I wanted to help restock our freezer as well. Opening weekend came and I knew something felt different. The following week I find out we’re expecting a baby. I knew then not only my season but our lives were about to change.
    During the next few weeks, I had to endure the morning sickness, even on afternoon hunts as well. Thankfully I’d wear my harness, so it kept me safe when I’d lean over to get sick. I always took some form of snacks with me, like some Rugged Meats, peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches, or even crackers.
    I always carried my pack with me because it contained the items I needed. For example: my calls, gloves, scents, snacks, masks/facepaint, and of course my camera gear. I was beginning to get more exhausted just getting to my spot, let alone climb the stand, so changes had to be made. Even my harness was getting too snug as well. Sure didn’t need it squeezing my belly, so my stands got replaced by blinds. I guess you could say I got “grounded”.
Now that its gun season and getting colder, the more changes continued. I learned some tricks to endure each hunt better. Here are some tips that helped me personally:
⦁ Keep packable snacks with you
⦁ Take short breaks while walking if needed
⦁ However you hunt, try to be comfortable
⦁ Be aware of how you move and lift your gear
⦁ Stay Hydrated during warm and even colder weather
⦁ Stand and move around often when its cold
⦁ Above all else, never do more than your able to do
Your gear will get tighter as the bump continues to grow. My insulated bibs were even getting snug but I can easily resize them as needed. I was blessed to be due in spring so I wouldn’t be going through deer season during my final trimester. No matter how much things change, I will enjoy each moment with my little bundle of joy that God blessed our family with.