I Have A Secert

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I have to tell you guys something…it is kind of a secret. Some people know about it and now I’m going to share it with all of you. Here goes…I’m afraid of heights! To be exact, I’m afraid of climbing up and down a ladder. There is a name for this and it is called Climacophobia. Although Climacophobia is more a fear of stairs, it does include climbing ladders. I realize that I am not the only person afraid of heights or climbing, but it can be a real issue when you’re an avid hunter. You don’t have to be up in a stand to hunt but it does have many advantages. I’m sure as hunters, most of you know what I am talking about. Since my fear really isn’t the height, once I’m in the stand, I’m usually okay unless it’s a windy day and my stand is swaying around… then yea, I’m nervous as all get out!!

I’ve had to overcome my fear to enjoy my passion. It hasn’t been easy and every year it’s a challenge that I have to face, head on. Every time I’m walking to my stand I have to pump myself up. Then when it’s time to come down, I have to pump myself up again. I have managed to find what works for me and my desire to hunt helps me overcome the fear of the 12 – 22 steps (yes I have counted them!) needed to get into my stands. What I haven’t been able to overcome is my fear when using a climber. I just can’t do it!! I attempted it one year and I only made it about six feet off the ground. I was a nervous wreck the entire hunt that day and was on the verge of a panic attack by the time I climbed down that evening. I almost left the stand and just jumped the six feet to the ground. Once I finally got down and realized how low I really was, jumping would have been the better option. HAHA I could’ve reached the stand to take it down.

I’m sharing this little secret with you today because I need to push myself to try again and I’m hoping….. telling all of you will be the push I need. I tell people who have a fear of guns to face their fears and just try shooting. Overcoming a fear can be a huge self confidence booster and we all need a little boosting sometimes. It’s not something I have to do because I have other stands as well as ground blinds but I hate not conquering something that has that much control over me.

I need all of you to hold me to this statement!!

I am using a climbing stand this year and I will get more than six feet off the ground!!

Not using a climber does limit where I can hunt and limiting my hunting is not an option! I’m also a tad bit of a control freak and not having control over my emotions is not an option! Teaching my granddaughter to hunt is something I love to do and I don’t need to limit that because of my fears.
This is something I have to do for the sake of all mankind! Or at least for my sake!!!

I need your help!!! I need you to push me and hold me accountable for my statement. When I overcome my fear and use a climber I will be sure to video it for all you to see. After all, everyone needs a good laugh once in awhile!!