You Don’t Look Like a Hunter

In Billie McCarter by DOE Diaries Staff Member

I have gone back and forth for weeks trying to decide what to blog about. I do not consider myself a writer, nor am a one that enjoys reading. However, as I was working one day the blog idea came to me.
I was talking with a family and I apologized for not being able returning their call until the day after they had called. They asked had I been sick and I said yes but I explain that I had taken that day off to go turkey hunting. I had talked with this family in person before so that is what lead to their next statement. ‘’You hunt? Really? You do not look like a person that hunts.’’ So, there you have it, my blog idea; the question I pose to you is…
What is a female hunter supposed to look like?
My house is not draped with camouflage curtains or camouflage furniture. It is not something I
throw on to go to the store for the weekly grocery shopping or head to the mall in. I spend my
days wearing mostly black as I am a Funeral Director………..Ok so, lots and LOTS of black. We
rarely go out to dinner, or anywhere for that matter. When I am at home, I lounge around in
jeans or pajama pants. When I attend church, it is in jeans or a dress.
I wear makeup everywhere I go. I do not leave the house without it….I repeat, I DO NOT LEAVE
THE HOUSE WITHOUT IT. I do not feel pretty without it….not that I really feel pretty with it
either though. My hair is typically styled in one of four styles: low ponytail, high messy bun,
side braid, or down. I’m kind of unpredictable like that. Having my hair down is an
accomplishment, by the way.
I do not smoke, drink, or chew tobacco (Not that I am saying any or all female hunters do or
have to…no judgments). I do not think all lady hunters have to have pink hunting accessories.
However, that is something I will blog about in the future….because in the
beginning, I would only hunt if I could wear pink or have pink accessories.
I spent my younger years taking ballet, karate, and piano. In middle school, I participated in
church softball. When I made it to high school, I ran track from the 8th grade to 12thgrade. I
was on the Varsity Cheerleading team when I was a sophomore, and cheered through my first
year in college at Lander University. I started competing in pageants when I was in the 11th
grade. I have won titles across the Carolinas and Georgia and recently competed in my last
pageant this past February.
When I go hunting, I hunt alone. I let someone know where I am going, but if I want to go, I
grab my stuff and go. I do not use my husband’s stand or gun. I have my own. I can climb a
tree, I can make the kill shot, I can load up the harvest and bring it home. I do not need anyone
to hold my hand. I can get dirty. I can get muddy. I can get the job done….just like a lady.
So, what does a huntress look like? Is she tall, is she skinny, is she blonde, is she short, is she
overweight, is she brunette? Has she been hunting all her life or a newbie? Is she built lean
and muscular, or curvy? Does she let her hair down and apply lip-gloss for her pictures or go
eau-natural? Does she wear the latest styles or what has been handed down to her? Does she
get up hours before the sun does or hit the alarm 15 times?
Does any of that matter? Does any of what I just told you define whether I look like a hunter or
not? Does it really matter what a huntress looks like? No. If she respects the game and the
sport, and can get the job done; it does not matter. If she supports conservation and fellow
hunters, it does not matter. If she practices safety and follows the laws of the land, it does not
matter. I will not follow stereo types. I am breaking all the rules. I am taking chances. I am not giving
up. I am good. I am successful. I will sweat and I will shed tears. I WILL wear my make-up.
I am a hunter.
I am a huntress.